Warren of Avaren

Avaren's Warren stands within the temple district, gleaming white stone shining, enhanced with Prime, whether in daylight or moonlight.  A beacon to all seeking refuge, healing or solace.  Within it's gleaming walls are the  Chapel, Surgery, Orphanage, Hospice, spare rooms for guests or acolytes, and the First's chambers.  Beneath the solid wooden floors is a subbasement, divided into several chambers, ready to house as many as possible should the need arise.

The exterior of the Warren displays a simple shrine of piled white stones, upon which is set an eternal flame.  A garden of green stretches from the shrine toward the Warren, guarded by a small black and white kitten.  A simple path of white stone leads around the building to the back where stands a pyre of wood and stone.

All are welcome upon the grounds of the Warren; all are welcome within it's spacious Chapel. Should need arise for healing or hospice, whether for the mind, body or soul, there is room for you here.  

Over the entryway into the Warren, a marble plaque is set:  "The fire of life is sacred. Shelter the sick, the mad, the helpless, and the poor. Show them warmth that they may rise anew and pass that warmth onto others. Give generously to those in need, for there is no greater wealth than a charitable heart. Show no mercy to those who sicken the body with disease or poison the soul with malice. Lift your cleansing fire and purge the world of hatred and pain."

Level 8 Sanctum

Residents: Claudia von Markham (Owner), Hallow Everleaf
Value: 223.00


  • Guest 1
  • Income 5
  • Room 2
  • Shrine 3


Usable within arm's reach of the sanctum.
  • Ritual "Heal 3"
  • Ritual "Preserve"
  • Ritual "Recover"
  • Ritual "Spray Heal 1"


Usable by residents and guests.
  • Spell "Cure"
  • Spell "Revive"


  • Herb 4