Code of Conduct

All participants are required to uphold the following Code of Conduct while engaged in game-related activities. Failure to follow these rules will result in disciplinary action, up to and including removal from the game.

  • Play it safe. Nobody has fun when someone gets hurt. Thus, staying safe is the game's most important rule. All participants must adhere to the health and safety rules, and comply with the guidance of game medics at all times. Participants who leave site for an unexpected medical reason┬ámust ensure a game medic is informed.
  • Obey the law. All participants are expected to obey local, state, and federal laws at all times.
  • Follow site regulations. Without a place to play, there is no game. All participants are expected to follow the guidance of the location manager in obeying site regulations. By maintaining good relations with the site owners, we help ensure a location for future events.
  • Follow the rules. The game system is designed to provide participants with a balanced framework for interacting as fantasy characters. An integral element of this framework, however, requires honesty. All participants are required to adhere to the game rules at all times.
  • Respect your fellow LARPers. Whatever their personality or background in play, participants are real people with real feelings. Insults, rudeness, and conflict, while acceptable in play, are disrespectful out of play and will not be tolerated in that context.
  • Keep it clean. Comments that are sexually explicit, excessively profane, obscene, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate may lead to disciplinary action.
  • Keep it appropriate to the setting. Orn is a medieval fantasy setting. Minor segues to related genres, such as steampunk or horror, are acceptable, but anachronisms and other content deemed inappropriate to the setting are prohibited.
  • Remember that it's just a game. Immersive fantasy of the kind experienced at game events can cause individuals to neglect real life concerns such as work and family. Additionally, negative game events can come to have an emotional impact beyond the game. While it is sometimes difficult, participants are urged to take a step back and realize that the game is not real life. Issues between characters should not become issues between people, and participation in the game should never interfere with your real life situation or relationships.
  • Have fun. This is a game, and games are played for enjoyment. If, at any point, you find that you are not having fun, you are expected to bring it to the attention of the appropriate staff members. Likewise, staff members are expected to do what they can to correct the problem or to help improve your play experience.