Spawn Points

Spawn points are areas marked with cones where groups of monsters come into play. Monsters tied to spawn points are special in that they do not drop loot. Instead, the person who is able to clear the monsters' spawn point receives a larger reward. The following rules apply to spawn points.

  • Clearly marked. A spawn point is a laminated card attached to an obvious marker, such as a colored cone. It can be set in an out-of-the-way location, but cannot be hidden. Once it has been placed, it may not be moved until it has been cleared (see below).
  • Respawning. Monsters tied to a spawn point come into play there initially and may respawn anywhere they can see the spawn point after they are defeated. If a player is within sight, the monster must count out one minute before coming into play. Otherwise, the monster may respawn immediately.
  • Clearing. Every spawn point lists one or more abilities, such as narrative effects or damage types, that can be used to clear it. A character with the appropriate ability must touch the spawn point for one uninterrupted minute, during which time monsters may not use the point to respawn. After the minute is complete, that character takes the spawn point marker back to the Dragon's Den to collect the reward. Any monsters tied to the spawn point also return to the Dragon's Den after they have been defeated.
  • Spawn Point Abilities. Spawn points grant abilities similar┬áto sanctums. If a spawn point has a Party ability, that ability is automatically granted to every monster tied to the spawn point. If the spawn point has Free abilities, any monster may use those abilities within arm's reach of the spawn point.
  • Standard Reward. The character who clears the spawn point receives a reward from the Dragon's Den upon turning it in. Typically, this is treasure worth five copper pieces per level of monster tied to the spawn point (e.g., a spawn point with four 5th-level monsters is worth one gold piece).
  • Treasure. Under certain conditions, the reward for a spawn point may be a treasure draw. When this occurs, the level of the draw is equal to one quarter the total level of the monsters tied to the spawn point (e.g., as a 5th-level character in the previous example).