The Bard King's Coin

Jacob Silver, the legendary bard king of Crestfallen, is said to have started out as a poor peasant with nothing but a single silver piece to his name. Stringing it about his neck, he vowed that it would be but the first in the fortune he set out to create.

Jacob was as good as his word, and went on to become a beloved hero of Nastal. Eventually, he wed the elven princess of Sequematia and ascended the throne, the first and only lowborn ever to do so. His favorite silver piece was passed down as an heirloom of the royal family for generations, until it was stolen and divided up by a band of thieves.

Some say that the simple coin carries the spirit and blessings of Jacob Silver himself, and that since it was lost, his descendants have increasingly fallen into decadence. Assembled as one, the coin is thought to confer the legendary glibness and luck of the bard king himself, and that its bearer is destined to live an equally glorious tale.