The Staff of Kreilos


The Staff of Kreilos is a long shaft of selderwood topped with a wicked, scythe-like blade. Floating within the confines of the blade is a sphere of pure crystal. Shapeless forms move around within, peering out into a world they can never touch. Intricate runes are etched in the surface of the ageless wood, evenly spaced along its entire length from base to blade. What appears to be a metallic claw forms the base of the Staff, though it doesn’t appear to touch the ground when left unattended. The very air surrounding the relic seems charged with an unseen power.


In an age now forgotten except in the most ancient of texts, there existed the greatest wizard to be seen on the face of Orn: Kreilos Vesdrekim, the father of the Silver Council, the mortal son of Drakerim, and the first of the wizards. It was he who brought the wisdom of the Forsynteril to mankind. And it was he who labored for nine moons to create the staff, crafting each piece from the rarest and most magical materials.

Some time towards the end of the Age of Wonders, Kreilos is said to have ascended into the heavens, leaving behind the staff along with the rest of his creations. It was only a matter of time until all of his apprentices died off, leaving the Silver Council in anarchy.

None truly know who spirited the staff away from the cataclysmic battle that ensued at the death of Kreilos' last apprentice. When the dust had settled, it was nowhere to be found. A desperate search turned up nothing, and many lost hope of ever locating it.

Over a century passed, and the time of healing began. New leaders replaced the old, and many among the Silver Council were tempted by the legendary power of Kreilos’ lost creations. One, Nimera DesMarta, followed scraps of records in search of the staff, finally ending up in Wraithwood, the lands corrupted by the Arch Lich Jeddit O'Jorramn. Yet another conflict ended in the staff’s recovery and the supposed death of the vile necromancer who would later ascend to immortality as Etejeril.

Nimera brought the staff back before the Council, refusing to part with it or wield it. Against the wishes of her equals, she secretly laid it in an unknown sanctuary, free from eyes of mortal men. For this transgression she was exiled, and later died without breathing a word of the staff’s whereabouts.


As a construct of the most ancient and potent magic ever to be seen among mortals, the staff is said to impart its wielder with untold arcane power. In addition to this, the blade at its head serves as a potent weapon, and the crystal ball can be used as a powerful scrying medium. It is said that anyone can make use of these powers, even wielders with no knowledge of arcane magic.

To those who know the staff's secrets, however, even greater power can be attained. With the proper incantation, the staff can transport the wielder to any location in any realm, even to the immortal domain of Drakerim himself.

However, the power of the staff was never intended for mortal hands, and as such carries great risk to any mortal who would try to use it. Because of the sheer amount of magic used every time its power is invoked, bearers of the staff have been known to call down magical cataclysms on the surrounding territory. Wielded with impunity, the staff would leave a trail of destruction and calamity in its wake.

Perhaps worse, those who wield the staff are said to be overwhelmed by it, quickly becoming obsessed with mastering its powers. This obsession quickly progresses to paranoia, delusions of grandeur, and worse.

Suggested Means of Destruction

  • Kreilos must be found and the Staff returned to him, thereafter beyond mortal hands.
  • The staff must be used by a descendent of Kreilos’ first apprentices to destroy the same selder tree from which it was crafted.
  • Drakerim must denounce Kreilos and all of his works, rendering the staff inert.