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Outfit, Trinket, Bag, Cloth, Dust, Medicine, Poison, Tool, Charm

Werebeasts, such as werewolves and werebears, are ordinary folk who have succumbed to an ancient curse after being bitten by another werebeast.

Becoming a Werebeast

The various forms of therianthropy are curses passed on when a person is infected by the bite of another werebeast. Thankfully, only werebeasts who have been cursed for many years are capable of transmitting their curse in this way, and their minds are so consumed with rage and bloodlust that they rarely leave victims alive.

Costuming for Werebeast Characters

Werebeasts must wear patches of fur behind the ears, along the jawline, or around the wrists to indicate their bestial nature, as well as the costuming for whatever race they were prior to becoming a werebeast.