Your character's sanctum is the building or other dwelling in which they reside. You may own your own sanctum or live in a sanctum with other characters.

Name: You're free to name your sanctum whatever you like, subject to the game's content standards.

Abilities: A sanctum has a list of abilities similar to a character. These determine how it can be used and what sort of benefits it provides to its residents.

  • Sanctum abilities determine the sanctum's basic characteristics, like how many residents or guests it can house and whether it has a stash.
  • Free abilities granted by the sanctum may be used by characters within reach of the sanctum in play. The sanctum's owner may restrict who is able to do so (e.g., everyone, residents, customers, owner) on the sanctum's sheet.
  • Party abilities granted by the sanctum may be selected by residents, though they remain limited to one Party ability at a time. The owner of the sanctum may revoke its Party abilities, but residents need not be within sight of the sanctum or the owner to benefit from them.
  • Workshop abilities increase the production yielded by residents when working on different types of downtime projects.

Value: Sanctums gain abilities as they increase in Value just as characters do with XP. A sanctum's Value changes over time through investment and upkeep (see below).


Every sanctum has a single owner, initially set to the character who built it. That character determines the sanctum's abilities, manages its resources, and controls other aspects of the sanctum. For instance, the owner can change the investment rate, invite or evict residents, transfer ownership to another character, or destroy the sanctum.

The owner of a sanctum must also be a resident of that sanctum. Consequently, no character may own more than one sanctum, and no character building a new sanctum may be the resident of an existing sanctum. If a sanctum owner wants to change residence, he or she must first transfer ownership to another active character in residence or else destroy it.

Investment & Upkeep

Sanctums gain Value over time at the expense of gold according to their investment rate, which defaults to one gold for one Value per day. A sanctum's owner can choose to pause this exchange or speed it up for a less advantageous rate (3 gold for 2 Value per day, 6 gold for 3 Value per day, or 10 gold for 4 Value per day). Sanctums draw their investment gold from their own treasure, not the treasure of their owners.

Sanctums incur an upkeep cost of 1% of their Value per month (~0.03272% per day). Upkeep is deducted from the sanctum's gold total daily. If the sanctum's gold total is insufficient to cover this cost, the difference is deducted from the sanctum's Value, resulting in depreciation.

A sanctum owned by an inactive character is abandoned. The upkeep cost of an abandoned sanctum increases to 5% per month (~0.16053% per day). Furthermore, all of its abilities cease to function: It cannot accommodate guests, does not produce income or faith, and does not grant workshop bonuses in downtime. The owner loses the ability to do anything but destroy the sanctum or transfer ownership to an active character in residence.

Sanctums in Play

Many sanctum abilities can be used in play. As such, sanctums receive a print-out of their abilities known as a sanctum sheet. A sanctum sheet automatically prints out along with the character sheet of the first resident to check in each event. The sheet must be affixed to a cabin for the sanctum's abilities to be used. This need not be the same cabin each time or even a cabin occupied by the sanctum's residents, but another cabin may only be used with the occupants' consent. No centrally-located building may serve as a sanctum, including the tavern, cook's cabin, dragon's den, and owner's cabin.

Sanctums may be damaged by monsters. If a monster spends five uninterrupted minutes in contact with a sanctum's sheet, they may go out of play and take the sheet to the dragon's den. The sanctum's abilities may not be used for the remainder of the event and it loses 5 gold or 5% of its value, whichever is greater. Because the sheet is removed, sanctums may only sustain damage of this sort once per event.