What Makes This Game Special?

Shards of Orn has been in operation since 2009. It is owned and operated by the Living Action Inc. Board of Directors. It has seen many revisions in its journey to being one of the oldest and largest LARP groups in the state. We are distinguishable from other LARPS in several important ways.

The Website

At other games, the fun stops when you leave the event. At Shards of Orn, there's plenty to do between games on our website. In fact, the entire game is managed right here. You can advance your character, manage your treasure, go shopping in the bazaar, read game lore, chat with other players, or role-play in the forums. Come game day, anything you've done on the site will be reflected in play.

Player-Created Content

As a player at Shards of Orn, you don't just play the game; you help create it. As soon as you join, you're allowed to craft your own custom class. After your third event, you can join in the storytelling by submitting content and volunteering to narrate. From races to treasure to monsters, most things in the game are made by players just like you.

A Casual Atmosphere

At Shards of Orn, we prefer a laid-back, cooperative play style. Players are encouraged to stay in character, but it's not a hard requirement. Treasure is divvied up via random pull after every adventure. Player-versus-player (PvP) content is strictly opt-in through the flagging system. This makes it possible to play a solo character or even a good guy without having to grow eyes in the back of your head, something unheard of in many LARPs. The overall feel is one of sitting around a gaming table having fun with a group of your friends. There's still plenty of drama and immersion, of course, but it's more about having fun than being "hardcore."

An Ever-Expanding (Yet Intuitive) Game System

In contrast to other LARPs where new rules and systems come out yearly at the most, things change all the time at Shards of Orn. New races, classes, trades, and treasure are always being created and refined. It's the sort of game that never stagnates, with an endless stream of new options and challenges to whet your appetite. Best of all, the system is built to accommodate these changes gracefully while keeping things simple and intuitive.

A Robust Treasure System

At the Shards of Orn, you can make Treasure for yourself the moment you walk into the game. With the right Professions, you can harvest the resources, create the items, name them, and enchant them, not to mention buy them, sell them, and trade them, all online with the click of a button. Any Treasure your character equips is printed out with your character sheet at the game, and any Treasure you acquire at the event is checked back into the website right after the game.

Affordable Game Dues

Other local LARPs charge as much as $50 per event or charge annual membership fees on top of event dues. At Shards of Orn, every event is $35. As a non-profit, we do our best to operate right at cost to keep the game affordable for our players.

A Fast Check-in Process

At Shards of Orn, all character creation and updates are managed online between events. All you have to do is show up, check in, and get your character sheet. The whole process takes minutes, not hours, which means more time spent playing instead of waiting in line.

A Great Group of Players

This list wouldn't be complete without mentioning the lifeblood of the game: our players. You'd be hard-pressed to find a friendlier, more helpful community of nerds anywhere.