When and Where Are Games Held?

During the regular season (April through October), events are held monthly in the group campsites at Umstead State Park in Raleigh, NC. These are weekend-long events that start on Friday evening and last through Sunday morning. For specific dates, see the Event Calendar.


Most events are held in the group cabins at Umstead State Park in either Camp Lapihio or Camp Crabtree. Approach the park from highway 70; the entrance from highway 40 doesn't connect with the group campsites. From there, follow the signs for the group cabins. You may encounter "No Cars Beyond This Point" signs, which you can safely ignore. The campsites are situated a few miles back, so expect a few minutes' drive. If you get lost or have difficulty, you can get more detailed directions at the visitor center near the park entrance.

Once you reach the group cabins, the road splits left to Camp Crabtree or right to Camp Lapihio. Different events will be held in different campgrounds, so be sure to check the event information and any pre-game announcements for details.


You will be assigned a cabin to sleep in. These have beds and closets, but no electricity or other furnishings. All cabins are situated near bath houses where you can shower and go to the restroom. If there are fewer than four people in your group and space is tight, you may be required to bunk with other players, but the logistics staff will avoid this as much as possible.

If you want, you're welcome to store your food in the large communal fridges or shelving in the mess hall. This is recommended to prevent Umstead's critter population from getting into it. The kitchen is equipped with stoves, sinks, dishes, and a microwave that are likewise communal; just be sure to clean up after yourself.