Who Can Play?

You must be at least 18 years of age to play. Boffer LARPing is a complex, full-contact sport that includes many adult themes. Minors may be injured or exposed to objectionable content.

You may not suffer from any disabilities that would inhibit your ability to play or place you in jeopardy. Accommodations may be made for physical handicaps (see rules pertaining to orange headbands). However, LARPing is a physically, mentally, and emotionally rigorous activity. Players are held to the same standards of behavior regardless of background.

You may not be a convicted felon or have pending felony charges. Players stay overnight in rustic cabins without locks, and may be required to share those cabins with strangers. Furthermore, players often store goods in common areas, such as food in the mess hall.

Ownership reserves the right to request documentation or perform other investigations if a player is suspected of violating these rules at any time.


If you’re on the fence about joining or you’d just like to accompany someone who is, you are welcome to attend as a spectator.

  • Spectators must accompany a participant or obtain permission from game ownership. This may be quick and informal, but spectators arriving on site must at least introduce themselves before spectating.
  • Spectators must obey the Code of Conduct. All individuals at a game event are required to obey the Code of Conduct, including spectators.
  • Spectators must remain out of play at all times. They may not role-play or participate in combat, even out-of-play sparring. They must wear white headbands at all times, maintain a comfortable distance from areas of active play, and make all attempts to avoid disrupting the game.
  • Spectators may not have a place to sleep. If cabin space becomes limited, game participants are accommodated before spectators.
  • Spectators under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult. All game participants must be 18 years or older to play, though minors are allowed to spectate with adult supervision.
  • Spectators who visit for more than three hours must wear period attire. Spectators may have an adverse effect on immersion, so those who plan to attend a significant portion of the event are required to wear period clothing even though they are out of play.

Filming & Photography

Players are permitted to take footage or photographs of other players freely as long as the camera is attended and overt. Any player can request not to be filmed or photographed on a case by case basis. Non-players wishing to film or photograph players during an event must obtain permission from game ownership.