You're free to detail your character's background, such as your name, history, mannerisms, motivations, and so forth, subject to the game's content standards. Perhaps your character was abducted by a band of trolls at a young age, loves bawdy tavern songs, and hires himself out to protect caravans. Background details such as these can make your character more fun to play and may affect the story, but have no bearing on the game rules beyond advising your choice of build.

In addition to the elements of your background you define arbitrarily, you can choose an ethos, patron, and homeland. Like the rest of your background, these are purely descriptive and optional, but can help you (and writers) better define your character’s personality and place in the world.

  • Your character’s ethos is a set of guiding beliefs or values, such as the Paladin’s Code or the Greenwarden’s Path. Certain ethoi, such as the Reaping, are only available to competitive characters.
  • Your character’s patron is an immortal you revere, such as Drathenix or Istensia. Certain immortals, such as Dhuroscht, are only available to competitive characters.
  • Your character’s homeland is your continent or city of origin, such as Tarkalsys or Sendai respectively.