Your character's build determines what you can do in play. Every build includes a class, a race, and a trade, which are chosen at creation.

  • Your character's class is your main adventuring skill set, such as fighter, mage, rogue, or healer. Most of your in-play abilities are determined by your class.
  • Your character's race is the species to which you belong, such as elf, dwarf, or human. You gain a few useful abilities from your race, and may be required to wear additional costuming depending on the race you choose.
  • Your character’s trade is the craft or profession you practice while not adventuring. You gain downtime abilities from your profession, plus possibly a few other abilities you can use in play.

For your class, race, and trade, you can select from pre-existing options, customize variants from existing options, or create brand new options from scratch. Races face a more stringent editorial process, so this is not recommended if you are new to the game.