Race Standards

The following standards apply to character races.

  • New races must be substantially distinct from existing races in theme, appearance, abilities, and costuming. Simple variants such as sub-races or half-breeds are prohibited.
  • Races must be humanoid. In order to avoid confusion with monstrous races and maintain suspension of disbelief when roleplaying, all races must be humanoid. Prosthetic additions such as horns, wings, or tails are acceptable.
  • Avoid pop culture references.¬†While it's fine to take inspiration from other sources, new races should be suited to the setting rather than dragging a different setting into the game world. For instance, it's acceptable to make a reptilian¬†or equestrian race, but not to make a Ninja Turtles or My Little Pony race.
  • Animal hybrid races face a higher barrier of entry. There are already a number of animal hybrids available, so new races must be especially distinct or compelling in order to pass review.