Levels of Review

Some content can be published freely but may be called out by other players if it doesn't adhere to content standards. Other content requires explicit review before it can be published.

  • Characters, classes, discussions, and treasure templates are subject to community review. You can publish these without prior approval, but you are expected to adhere to content standards and other players may flag your content if it violates those standards. When this happens, it is reviewed by an editor for possible revision, removal, and/or disciplinary action.
  • Lore articles, races, stigmas, and stories are subject to editorial review. You must attend at least three events before creating these, and must submit them for formal review before they are published. An editor then reviews the content for adherence to standards, possibly making changes or returning it for revision before approving it. Note that the original author of editorial content can make amendments and revisions to it freely, but revisions must go back through editorial review before they are published.
  • Content subject to editorial review might face an additional level of owner review if it deals with world canon. A lore article that names a new immortal, introduces a new race, adds to geography or realm lore, or a story that features the appearance of an artifact must be reviewed by game ownership before it can be published.