In addition to your equipment, your character can carry a number of supplies equal to your bag’s Quality plus two. Supplies do not require a separate prop and are used less frequently than equipment, often for emergency or niche purposes.

Name: Supplies use a name assigned by their type to reflect their interchangeable nature.

Quality: Uses for supplies are replenished after each break. For example, your character can use a set of thieves’ tools with Item “Sabotage” and a Quality of 1 to perform a single Sabotage during a particular shift, regaining it after a break.

Properties: A supply always has a single Property, which determines its type, the passive ability needed to use it (if any), and its method of creation.

Value: At Quality 1, the Value of a supply is equal to the level of the Property squared divided by 10. Quality 2 supplies are worth 3 times as much, while Quality 3 supplies are worth 6 times as much. For example, a potion with the Item "Revive" property (a level 7 ability) has a Value of 4.9 at Quality 1, 14.7 at Quality 2, and 29.4 at Quality 3.